The vision of The Beloved Community is to provide a point of contact by which all residents, public and private institutions are able to contribute to and participate in equitable redevelopment of the Westside beloved community by implementing the Westside Land Use Framework Plan. MISSION: The mission of the Beloved Community is to: • work in ecumenical inclusiveness to build with intentionality, the beloved Westside community as defined by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.: a society based on justice, equal opportunity, and love of one’s fellow human beings. • work with Westside individuals, families, neighborhood businesses, long standing service agencies, private/ public profit and nonprofit entities engaged in/committed to equitable redevelopment in order to enable/empower/support their continued presence and active contribution to the building of the beloved community. • support and actively participate in the achievement of equitable redevelopment missions which are committed to building the beloved community OBJECTIVES 1. to identify and connect with all entities that are directly or indirectly carrying out or influencing redevelopment in historic Westside identify and coordinate involvement of entities which are critical to equitable redevelopment and building of a beloved community 3. participate in creating and implementing an English Avenue retention plan that will support all individuals, families and business remaining in EA if that is their choice 4. participate in creation and implementation of a long term monitoring plan of all short and long term redevelopments relative to equity, retention outcomes, resident needs/satisfaction responses 5. to advocate for equity in redevelopment on behalf of existing residents and small businesses 6. to assist incoming service providers connect with and develop working collaborations with existing service providers